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1. How do I find property owner information?
2. What is a pre-development conference?
3. Does the City of Coppell have copies of surveys or plot plans?
4. Where can I find the zoning for a piece of property?
5. Where can I find the Zoning Ordinance Regulations?
6. Where can I find maps?
7. How do I apply for a Zoning Change/Planned Development/Special Use Permit/Plat?
8. Where can I find Homeowner's Association (HOA) information?
9. How do I update our Homeowner's Association information?
10. How large is Coppell?
11. What is the City's current population?
12. What is the role of the Planning and Zoning Commission?
13. How often does the Planning and Zoning Commission meet?
14. How can I obtain specific information on upcoming zoning cases?
15. Who is notified with regards to a zoning change request?
16. What can be done if I oppose the rezoning of property within my neighborhood?
17. Can City Council overrule a zoning recommendation for denial forwarded by the Planning and Zoning Commission?
18. How much opposition is necessary to require an affirmative vote of at least three-fourths of all members of the City Council?
19. What is the difference between the Comprehensive Plan and the Zoning Ordinance?