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Female, Age 15 - Family 107

  1. Due to the overwhelming support of our Make a Child Smile Event, the child you selected may have already been adopted by another family. If this is the case you will receive notification from us within 48 business hours with a similar child's information.
  2. Child Identification

    Female, Age 15

  3. Family Number


  4. Shirt Size

    Small adult

  5. Pants Size

    24x26 short, adult

  6. Shoe Size

    6 adult

  7. Needs

    Oversized hoodies, crop jackets, regular jackets, shorts with pockets, sweatpants (grey or black), sweater vest with white shirt, overall shorts, long sleeve shirts, crop shirts, high rise jeans, skirts, cute oversized cardigan, converse run star hike (black)

  8. Gift of Choice/Favorites

    Fav color: dark dull purple, navy blue, black, and grey; Amazon card, chickfila card, canes card, starbucks card, target card, taiyaki fish plushie, rings, necklaces, butterfly hair clip, 72 set prismacolor pencils,

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