Property Tax

Each spring, homeowners in Coppell receive an estimated property tax bill from their county of residence.

Property Tax Bill Breakdown

When reviewing your property tax bill, notice that taxes are allocated among multiple local entities: the County, the City, and the Independent School District. The City of Coppell receives only a portion of your property taxes.

City Portion of Property Tax Bill

City Council voted to approve the Fiscal Year 2023-2024 budget (PDF) and tax rate of $0.491818 per $100 valuation. This tax rate was a decrease from Fiscal Year 2022-2023 and represents the lowest tax rate since at least 1984.

Property tax represents the largest revenue source for the City of Coppell, and the City uses these funds to provide necessary community services. The City allocates its portion of property tax revenue to provide services in the following categories: 

  • Public safety initiatives 
  • General government programs
  • Culture and recreational initiatives 
  • Public works programs 
  • Debt service

County Portion of Property Tax Bill

Learn about Dallas County's use of property taxes.

Learn about Denton County's use of property taxes. 

Independent School District Portion of Property Tax Bill

Learn about Coppell ISD’s use of property taxes.

Tax Rate Definitions

Proposed rate: This rate is presented to City Council for approval. This is the rate that the City has determined will raise the necessary revenue to fund public safety, public works, and quality of life projects that residents desire. As a result of changes implemented by the State legislation, City Council now considers a maximum rate that is published in the Notice of Meeting to Vote on Tax Rate prior to considering the proposed rate for approval.

No New Revenue Rate: This rate is not presented to City Council for approval. This rate has historically been referred to as the effective rate. It is the property tax rate that the City would need to set to not generate any additional revenue from the same property over the previous year if the properties were taxed in both years.

Voter Approval Rate: This rate is not presented to City Council for approval. This is the tax rate at which City Council would need to call an election to allow for voter approval. Under Senate Bill 2 from the 2019 legislative session, an election must be called if the proposed tax rate generates more than a 3.5% increase in revenue from existing property.