Warrant Information

When a defendant fails to appear on or before their scheduled court date, fails to pay a fine, and/or fails to comply with the judge's orders, the Municipal Court Judge will issue warrants ordering the defendant's arrest. A failure to appear/violate promise to appear complaint may also be issued. Once a warrant has been issued, it may be disposed by posting a bond or paying for the citation(s).

Any questions regarding arrest warrants may be directed to the Marshal's Office at 972-304-3652.

Important Note

If you have an active warrant, you can appear in Court during any scheduled court docket during the week. Please contact the Court at 972-304-3650 for more information.

If you would like to request time served for your warrants you may submit the Request for Time Served Form.  In order to have the Judge review jail credit for all violations please make sure to add additional violations on the form.  You may also download and print the Request for Time Served Form and submit it to the court via Fax: 972-304-3639, Email, in the Drop Box in the lobby or mail.