Marshal's Office & Warrants

The Coppell Marshal's Office is the law enforcement agency dedicated to serving the Coppell Municipal Court and the citizens of Coppell. The agency's primary function is judicial security and to serve and protect everyone who comes to the Coppell Municipal Court. The City Marshal's Office is also responsible for executing all lawful processes issued by the Municipal Court, which includes Summons, Subpoenas, Judgment Nisi, and warrants. The Marshal's Office is staffed with full-time state-licensed peace officers, as defined by The State of Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Chapter 2, Articles 2.12 and 2.13.

The Marshals' secondary focus is gaining compliance regarding outstanding warrants. If you have received a citation from the Coppell Police Department, Coppell Code Enforcement or the Coppell Animal Control and a warrant has been issued for your arrest, please contact us to receive beneficial information and valuable options to prevent your arrest if possible. It is the desired outcome of the Coppell Marshals to see citizens/violators get out of warrant status without having to use our powers of arrest.

The Coppell City Marshal's Office is a State of Texas designated law enforcement agency, which operates independently from the Coppell Police Department.