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Scheduling Non-Emergency Services

The fire department schedules non-emergency services and other activities after 10 a.m. and in available time periods on selected days. This allows firefighters to perform their morning functions of preparing themselves and the fire apparatus and equipment to ensure their readiness in the event of an emergency. Due to the nature of our business, occasionally previously arranged programs are subject to last minute changes, delays, or cancellation. 

While we strive to meet every prearranged program obligation, occasionally interruptions do occur and last minute notification and rescheduling may be necessary.

Please review the FAQs below for answers to many frequently asked questions. To schedule a non-emergency service, training, or public education, please fill out the contact form or call 972-304-3512, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. or call Life Safety Park at 972-462-5373 depending on the request (see below).

  1. Does the fire department do free blood pressure checks?
  2. Does the fire department provide CPR, first aid instruction?
  3. How do I dispose of a fire extinguisher or a smoke detector?
  4. Can I tour the fire station?
  5. Can I have a birthday party at the fire station?
  6. Can the fire department inspect and/or install my child's car seat?
  7. How do I check my smoke detector?
  8. Will the fire department help me replace my smoke detector batteries?
  9. Will the fire department come unlock my vehicle if I lock my keys inside?
  10. My house is flooding, and I need the water turned off (emergency), who do I call?
  11. I need my water shut off (non-emergency), who do I call?
  12. Can I drop off my expired/outdated medications?
  13. Can I drop off my medical waste?
  14. Why is the fire hydrant gushing water and do I need to report it?
  15. Can I do Community Service at a fire station or through the Fire Department?
  16. Why does a fire engine come when I call for an ambulance?
  17. Does the Fire Department fill private pools with water?
  18. Why do I sometimes see fire trucks or ambulances running with their lights and sirens on, and then suddenly they turn them off?
  19. Is it legal to burn trash in Coppell?
  20. When do the firefighters work?
  21. Why do fire crews drive the engine to the grocery store?
  22. What is required for fire permits, how and where do I submit them?
  23. Does the Fire Department conduct residential inspections for foster care families?
  24. Can fireworks be used in the City of Coppell?
  25. How do I get a copy of a fire incident report?
  26. Who do I contact about an ambulance/medical bill or patient medical records?
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